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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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South Korea
Evangelistic Mission Trip
October 2 - 15, 2019

All Information Subject to Change


Who can go?
  • Anybody with a heart for missions and evangelism. You must be a U.S. citizen and an active member of a Southern Baptist Church with the recommendation of your Pastor or church staff minister. This mission trip is not difficult. If you can read aloud from an evangelistic tract, you can do it!

What will I do?

  • Specific tasks and assignments may vary from church to church, but in general you will:
    • As part of a team, work with 2 Korean Baptist churches to share the Gospel. A team consists of a pastor/leader and 1-2 others.
    • Share the Gospel using a bilingual Steps to Peace with God tract and an interpreter. A pdf version of the tract is on the resource page. You might share in a home, a business, a restaurant, a coffee shop, at the church, or anywhere people gather. At least some of the visits are usually prearranged. The Korean people are receptive to the Gospel, especially American witnesses!
    • Participate in special outreach events, community ministry events, and/or revival worship services at some churches.
Where will I go?
  • Our missions partner in Korea is the Korean Mission Board. By "partner" we mean the Korean Mission Board handles arrangements for this mission trip on the Korean side of the Pacific.
  • The Mission Board will assign your team to churches anywhere in South Korea.
  • While you are at the churches, you are guests of the local church.
  • You may request specific churches that you may have ministered to in the past, but they cannot be guaranteed.

How will I get to Korea? When should I arrive?

  • Because people go on this trip from so many different places, you are responsible for securing and paying for your own airfare.
  • It is suggested that you leave the US on Wednesday, October 2 for arrival in Korea on Thursday, October 3. This will give you a "free day" on Friday before the in-country orientation meeting on Friday night.
  • Please try to depart no sooner than October 15 (October 15 arrival back in U.S.). 
  • Inchon (INC) is the international airport serving Seoul.
  • Secure your flights early to get the best fare.
  • You will need to communicate your flight plans to the coordinator so transportation to Seoul can be arranged. 
  • Obviously, some flexibility on dates is possible, but missions housing will not be available before October 3 or after October 15.

Where will I stay?

  • In Seoul, missionaries will stay at the International Mission Board's Yunhee/Seoul Guest House or a hotel.
  • At the churches, missionaries will stay in a hotel or housing arranged by the local church- our partnership does not have control over housing at the church sites.

What is the suggested itinerary?

Oct. 2- depart U.S. and travel to Seoul/Inchon, Korea
Oct. 3- arrive in Korea
Oct. 4- free day in Seoul
Oct. 4 PM- in country orientation meeting- Seoul Guest House
Oct. 5- travel to 1st church
Oct. 5-9- 1st church assignment
October 9- travel from 1st church to 2nd church
Oct. 9-13- 2nd church assignment
Oct. 13 PM- return to Seoul Guest House
Oct. 14 P.M.- victory dinner, Seoul
Oct. 15- depart Korea

What is the cost?

  • At this time, we plan the missions fee to be $800/person ($1,200 per couple agreeing to double occupancy), which covers most in-country expenses: housing, travel, most food, & insurance. While you are traveling and in Seoul on free time, you are responsible for some of your own meals. This fee is tentative and subject to change until 120 days before departure due to changing, variable exchange rates. 
  • A $100 deposit per person or couple is due by August 20, the balance is due by September 20.
  • The missions fee does not include airfare (see above).
  • If cost is a problem, some $200 per person/couple scholarships are available. With the scholarship, the cost is $600 for individuals and $1000 for couples requesting double occupancy. Contact the coordinator for more information.
  • You can pay deposits and fees by making your check payable to Reach Missions Partnerships and mailing it to 325 E Pine St.; PONCHATOULA, LA 70454.
Where can I find more information?
  • Earlier year's orientation materials are on the resources page. Orientation materials are not expected to change significantly for 2019.
  • Free Volunteers in Mission training guide is on the resources page.
  • 2019 orientation materials will be available on the resources pages after they are produced. A representative of Reach Missions may be available to conduct personal orientations to interested groups. Contact the coordinator ( for more information.
What are the requirements?
  • You must be a U.S. citizen and an active member of a Southern Baptist Church with your Pastor's or church staff member's recommendation.
  • You must have a passport with at least 6 months left before expiration. No visa is required. If you do not have a passport, begin the application process early as it can take some time.
  • Sign up (belowand pay  $100/person deposit by August 20. The balance is due by September 20. You can pay deposits and fees by making your check payable to Reach Missions Partnerships and mailing it to 325 E Pine St.; PONCHATOULA, LA 70454 
  • Complete state-side orientation if this is your first time going on this trip. Date and time to be announced. For those who cannot attend an orientation meeting personally, orientation materials will be available on the resources page of this website after they are produced.
  • Provide coordinator with:
    • flight itinerary (including record locator),
    • digital picture
    • biographical blurb,
    • brief written testimony, 
    • brief biographical sketch, and,
    • if you are to preach, sermons.
  • Prepare yourself spiritually. More details at orientation.

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